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Modrý důlTal Modrý důlModry Dół (Modrý důl)

Valley Modrý důl

The mountain glacial valley between Široký ridge and Studniční mountain. It oufalls to valley Obří důl. The ore and copper ore were mined there in the past. In the south part of valley hangs over the moraine walls. A lot of rare plants growth there, for example lily goldsmith. In the meadow part of valley there are situated several recreation objects. In the slope of Studniční mountain is the place, where the snow occurs the longest time in czech part of Giant mountains.

Sight from Modrý důl to Sněžka
Sight of valley Modrý důl

  Accommodation Pec pod Sněžkou
2 km
  Accommodation Lučiny
4 km
  Accommodation Velká Úpa
4 km